Wonderful Indonesia

Currently: January

I thought I would squeak this one in just before the month ended…This week was going to feature a post about hiking, one about life in general, a continuation of last week’s road trip and/or a straggling “best of” post that has been waiting for over a month to get posted. But instead, you get this.

Current Book – Fall of the Giants by Ken Follet: I am about half way through and am liking it so far. It’s a good story while still teaching me a lot about WWI. I am also listening to an audiobook: A Beautiful Blue Death. 

Current Running Path – 

Current Drink –Vanilla Bean Black Tea 

Current Excitement –Weekends! They are filling up fast, but there are so many fun things to do. I have a trip planned to see Lisa, an SF Beer Week weekend, a couple of big race weekends, and a trip to the Grand Canyon!  

Current Fashion Trend – Patterned tights. They are everywhere, and are normally paired with tiny shorts.


Current Favorite Blog/Website –I have been trying to catch up with some current events, so have been spending some time on sites like NPR and BBC World.

 Current Garden Item –Lemons and Camellias 

Current Love– Audio books! I get so much more “reading” done with them, since I can read them while running and/or going to the gym.And you can borrow them from the library! Double score. 

Current Food-White Bean soup made with homemade turkey stock 

Current Indulgence – 


Currently Pondering – What to do with my itchy feet…I am really feeling the need to do some traveling!

Current Mood –Overwhelmed 

Current New Find– My library has a site where you can download music, it’s called Freegal. You can download 3 songs per week or stream up to 3 hours a day. The library also has a site for learning languages, finding new book suggestions and reading magazines and newspapers online. As you know, I am a huge fanof the library! 

Current Outfit –Lately I’ve been hanging out a lot in hoodie and jeans. 

Current Peeve –sparkly iPhone cases, bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk, people who put their backpack on the only empty seat on the bus
Current Song – 

Current Triumph –I am ready to do my taxes. Mind you, I have not FINISHED, but I am ready to start, and that is triumph enough! 

Current TV Show – Cash Cab, BBC World News 

Current Wish-List –A round the world trip.Seriously.Like I said, itchy feet. 

Currently Delaying– buying my ticket to Boston. I am still waiting for prices to go down / waiting to firm up dates..

What are you watching these days? Do you have any fun trips planned this year?