Wonderful Indonesia

Currently: January

Wow – this week has flown by! I love short weeks because I still have the same amount of work to get done but less days to do it in, so the days go by very quickly. I have also been dog sitting, so I have been getting up even earlier in order to take the dog out before work. This makes for long days, but at the same time they seem to be very short. 

Current Book –I am all over the show lately with books. I am currently reading The Tipping Point on my Kindle and The Virgin’s Lover in hardback and I have 2 other actual books checked out from the library and 4 e-books! I am on a roll this month though and have already read three books. Let’s see if we can keep this train moving! 

Current Running Path –New Years Day run: Mt. Tam summit #1. Last year a local ran to the summit 100 times. It’s about 2,500 ft high. Last year I ran to the summit once. Maybe this year we will make it twice!

Current Drink –Strawberry smoothie with coconut waterand yogurt 

Current Excitement –I am in travel planning frenzy and am currently booking up all of my summer weekends…   

Current fashion trend – Ultra runners and their beards. Did you know there is a twitter page for ultra runner Rob Krar’s beard? Beard is the new mustache. What’s next, I wonder?  

Current Favorite Blog/Website –I have been digging Google Calendars lately. I have always used it, but I just set up a shared family page and even have my parents using it. It’s fun and handy! 

Current Garden Item –dirt

Current Love– My magic bullet! I have been making smoothies and sauces and it’s so fun and easy.

Current Food– My go to food has either been salads or baked potatoes lately. I am feeling a bit lazy in the cooking department these days. I blame the dark of winter.

Current Indulgence –Cookies. I am still riding the holiday snack train and I can’t get off. 

Currently Pondering – What is going to happen to the Euro? Is anyone keeping up with the news regarding this? 

Current Mood – Tired. Too many things I want to do and not enough time for sleep.

Current New Find– A new running detour, which takes me to this view:


Current Peeve –People who don’t pick up their dog poo. I ran in the dusk/dark tonight and almost stepped in a huge pile on the SIDEWALK. Yuck. This also reminds me of my peeve regarding lazy people. Grrr.  
Current Song –I have always liked this band,and this song is catchy!

Current Triumph –I broke down and bought a nice down jacket (the Ghost Whisperer) with some of my Christmas money. Why is this a triumph? Well, I got it at about half price and I have been wanting one for a long time but I have been biding my time… I am excited to try it out! 
Current TV Show – I watched Orange Is The New Black and enjoyed it (and am waiting for the next season to be released on Netflix). I also started watching Breaking Bad (finally) and am about half way through the second season. So far so good.

Current Wish-List –There are a lot of things I wish for! I would love to have Scotty beam me somewhere from time to time… but realistically, I am still looking for that perfect sleeping bag that is lightweight and keeps me warm and doesn’t cost TOO much (almost impossible). This is the one I am considering, but it is kind of expensive, especially since I would prefer the 20 degree option.

Currently Delaying– This sounds really gross, but the dog I am sitting had a tick and I had to remove it and it was nasty. Yesterday I found another one and today I am hesitant to check her again because I don’t want to have to do any more tick removal. It’s gross!

What are you delaying? What is your current triumph? What are you reading?