Wonderful Indonesia

Currently: July

Current Book – Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

Current Running Path –Matthieu Lakes Loop,Three Sisters Wilderness

Current Drink –Nonfat iced mocha with whip

Current Excitement –Having a low key weekend in a couple of weeks! I am going to do absolutely nothing but read and drink coffee and eat and lay around. 

Current fashion trend – Maybe it’s because I am in Oakland, where there are a lot of hipsters, but these glasses are everywhere! 

Current Favorite Blog/Website –I have been having fun looking at this site. A girl can dream!

Current Garden Item –Holy Zucchini! These bad boys are huge! 

Current Love-Weekends

Current Food– Summer Squash Soup (or zucchini)

Current Indulgence –Happy Hour on a weekday! 

Currently Pondering – Do I want a late night snack? Or not? I think I do, but I will probably regret it after I eat it. Plus I am not really hungry; I just want something! 

Current Mood –Full! I know that’s not a mood, but I just ate so much! (although that doesn’t stop me from still wanting that late night snack)

Current New FindPita Pal’s Beet and Jicama salad 

Current Outfit –Broski’s girlfriend’sbirthday party: disco anyone?

Current Peeve –Dogs barking at night. And barking. And barking. 
Current Song –Stay— Rihanna(I like this one, but I don’t really love the video.)


Current Triumph –A long after work bike ride last week after picking up the bike from the shop. I may have to make it a habit! 
Current TV Show –  Master Chef (PS you can watch for free on Fox!) Who is going to win? I vote for Jordan!

Current Wish-List –More vacation time!

Currently DelayingFixing broken things, but I am working on it… 

What are you currently excited about?  What fashion trend do you see around you (or do you follow yourself)?