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End of Week Musings

And then it was Friday again. I always prefer a job where the time goes by too fast over one where it is too slow. However, lately, its like Monday and Friday are the only two days of the week! If only Saturday and Sunday were really long, it would not be too bad, I guess.I am still learning a lot of new things each day at work, and this, coupled with the regular day to day, makes the time just fly by.
The high of my week was… after work festivities, usually involving the Giants game. On Tuesday, I met up with some coworkers at a bar near the office; on Wednesday I had “Sunday night dinner” and the game at my brother’s house. Both nights were a lot of fun, even though the Giants did not win both games!

The low of my week was…lack of working out. I am feeling a bit of blah lately and have been snacking too much and not exercising enough. It’s like a long taper without actually training for anything. It’s a vicious circle, as not working out makes me feel like eating snacks and eating snacks makes me feel like not working out.

The favorite thing I read was…. a poem that my Mom wrote when she was in New York. She gave it to my Dad and he shared it with us. I think it’s sweet that they still do things like that for each other. The best thing is that my Dad may have written one back. I will have to ask him about it this weekend.

My favorite thing I heard was… the song “Baby Got Back” on the radio. I was in the car at the time and I turned it way, way up and got my groove on by dancing and singing along while waiting at a red light. What a great way to put some pep back into my step. LA face with an Oakland booty!

The best thing I spent money on was… gas. I don’t really drive very often, so when I do, its usually for a good reason, and so buying gas = an adventure! This week I used it to go to my brother’s house for a Giants game / birthday bash / dinner. It was well worth both the money and the time!

My plans this weekend include…hiking Mt. Whitney with my brother and Dad. We did it all together in 1995, when I wore flannel pants (it was the style then!) and my brother’s old Reeboks. I don’t remember having any altitude sickness but I do remember it being really cold at night (in September) and being really happy to reach the top. I wonder how it will be nearly 20 years later… (that kind of made me feel old just knowing that I can say “20 years later” and it not mean that I was a baby that long ago)

Mt. Whitney — 1995

How was your week? What are you doing this weekend? What did you wear hiking when you were a kid?