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Hotel at mount Bromo

Hotels in Mount Bromo that used to be only a few people own this business, now growing in line with the development of tourists who come to this area. Why more and more people want to visit this tourist area, as more and more offer places that can be visited so that hotel reservation request growing. Most hotels in the area of the mountains they do not use air conditioning facilities, because the area is very cold air and has a low temperature when compared in areas that are not mountainous areas. Because many hotels are available here then we must determine the right choice and according to the needs of our tour program. There are also many local homes for rent because they know that this can help their economy, so they are doing renovations to make it as a lodging facility other than a hotel.

Hotel near Bromo montain

The hotel is near Bromo mountain has a strategic place because this area you can see Mount Bromo from around the hotel you stay, even you can see the crater that emits smoke while drinking coffee from the hotel restaurant.

Cheap hotels in Bromo

Cheap hotels in bromo many in the rush of foreign tourists during the holiday season as in August.
Because a lot of Backpackers who mempuyai tourist destinations to many places with a minimum cost possible