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Itinerary Malang city tour.

Itinerary Malang city tour which many in need of tourists because of the place of tourist destinations and visit times are less balanced. Therefore, it is necessary for the direction of the plan in accordance with the holiday time of the tourists.

This city is the visitors who come to the city of Malang could feel the cool air and the tranquility of the town, which is not too much traffic of vehicles and polluting factories. Malang since the time of Dutch colonial rule has become the city’s chosen as the area of ​​residence. We can see a lot of residential houses Dutch people, building Dutch heritage buildings, there is also a tea processing factory.

And one of the famous places in the city of Malang that destination the family of the Netherlands is a shop Oen. Because it has been since the 1930 founding of the store so that sometimes the place became a reunion of the older generation of Dutch people.

although there is a favorite place of the famous Dutch people ever since we called Batu city.

Because the beauty of the city surrounded by mountains and its formerly tidy past, matching the Swiss country in Europe, and this city is located in the highlands that is at an altitude between 440-667 meters above sea level,to maked the one of the Java tourism destination.